Luis de Moscoso-Biography

Luis de Moscoso Alvarado was a Spanish explorer and conquistador who traveled and then lead the Hernando de Soto expedition throughout the Southeast United States.

He left the Spanish port of Sanlucar de Barrameda and traveled along with all the army of Hernando de Soto to Florida on April 7, 1538. He commanded one of the seven ships of de Soto. In Florida they explored the Mississippi River north and in the march inland held the position of maestro de campo (field commander)

When Hernando de Soto died on May 21, 1542,  Moscoso succeed him as commander of the army.  Luis de Moscoso Alvarado with the army marched west possibly reaching northwest Louisiana and then marched to the west coming toTexas. Finding no gold and fighting with the indians they retuned to the Mississippi River and built seven bergantines, or pinnaces, with which to seek a water route to Mexico.

On July 2, 1543, 322 survivors of some 600 soldiers and servants who had landed in Florida four years previously boarded the boats and began the descent of the Mississippi.

They had followed the coasts of Louisiana and Texas  and eventually reached Mexico City, where Moscoso wrote two brief letters to the king of Spain, but they shed little light on the expedition. Luis Moscoso died there in 1551.

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